Cody Day


Welcome to Government and Economics. In this course you will learn the basic functions of United States Government. Students will learn of the limited nature of federal power during the founding and the original intent of our founding fathers. Students will also explore the U.S. Constitution and subsequent Amendments and Articles. Additionally, we will examine micro and macro economics and factors effecting commerce. 

Required Supplies: 
1 Large Notebook

1st Period-Govt/Eco
5th-HS Athletics
6th Period-Conference
8th-JH Athletics

Tutorials: Before School (7:30-7:50)

Duty Schedule: Lunch

Grading Policy

       A.   District Policy is 60% Test/40% Daily

       B.   14 Daily Grades & 4 Test Grades

       C.  Late Work Policy: Work will not be accepted one week past the due date. If a student is absent he or she will have the same amount of days to make up the work missed (ex. a student misses 2 day; they have 2 days to complete the missing work after they are back at school. 

       D.  Retesting Policy
: Per Modifications

       E.  Extra Credit Opportunities: Available upon request for those willing to take on additional assignments. 

Classroom Rules:
1. 1st 20 minutes= Oiler Time=No Leaving Class
2. Teacher dismisses class, not the bell
3. Students remain seated during instruction
4. Proper Protocol (Yes Sir, No sir)
5. Show respect
6. Be responsible
7. No head phones
8. No cell phones unless you have my permission- or I will take it up
9. No laying on the floor
10. No one is allowed behind the teachers desk without permission
11. Be ready to get after it and learn