Cafeteria Changes

Cafeteria Changes
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Why the Changes Regarding Lunch Delivery for Students is Needed:

Over the past 2 years, the number of deliveries by vendors has grown to the point that the District’s cafeteria program has been losing significant money.  Prior to that time, the cafeteria had been financially self-sustaining with a healthy fund balance or savings account which allows them to replace equipment and make program changes as needed.   If we continue to allow outside vendors to deliver food to students at lunch, the negative consequences for the District will be: 

·       Have to take money from the general budget to make up for the loss of income in the cafeteria.  The general budget is what funds all of our student programs, teacher supports and auxiliary services.  If funds have to be moved to supplement the cafeteria, the funding for student programs, teacher supports and auxiliary services will be negatively affected.

·       Lay off cafeteria staff.

·       Insufficient Cafeteria audit; placement of auditor in district, the cost of which will fall to the District.

·       Mandated corrective actions from the state.   

This was a difficult decision for the School Board and the administration.  However, it is a decision that had to be made in order for us to continue to be fiscally responsible to our students, staff and tax payers.  

This situation is of no fault of the outside vendors.  We appreciate their support.

If you have any questions, please call Jim Armstrong at (936) 274-5061 ext. *402.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation with this difficult decision.