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I am the Spanish Instructor. I am a 1990 graduate of West Hardin and a 2002 graduate of Lamar University. I have worked at West Hardin since 2002.  My wife, Amanda, is the counselor and our son, Josiah, is a freshman at West Texas A&M.

Course Information

The Spanish Course is an online course provided by Edmentum through their Plato learning platform. Spanish 1 and 2 are divided into two semesters. Each semester has five units. In every unit there are four tutorials with mastery tests followed by a unit test. The courses are very thorough and provide opportunities for the student to learn through a  variety of ways. The courses cover many different topics including greetings, family relationships, travel, careers, and many others. The syllabus for each course is included on my "useful links" section.



Duty: Student Parking Lot 7:25 - 7:50
Conference: 10:38-11:27
Tutorials: available from 3:30-4:00

Grading Policy

The district grading policy is 60% for tests and 40% for daily grades. In this course, the tutorials and mastery tests will count as daily grades and the unit tests will count as tests. There is also a semester test at the end of each semester. 

There will be about 25 daily grades and 3 tests each 9-week grading period.

The course is set up so that students can retake mastery tests once on their own. Students may retake one unit test per 9-week grading period.

Opportunities for extra credit may be provided under certain circumstances. These opportunities would be in the form of presentations.

Information for Parents

Since Spanish 1 and 2 are online courses, the grades are automatically entered into the system and overall grade is updated on your child's Plato account. You can check your child's grade and progress daily. You can also see grades for individual assignments, or just check out the course yourself. You can access this information from your child's Ipad or from another computer using your child's login information.

The grades will not automatically be updated on Gradebook. I will enter current grades on Gradebook every 3 weeks.



The students will use their Ipads to complete the coursework. We will also take notes, so the students will need notebook paper or spirals and pens or pencils.

Contact Information

I can be reached at 936-274-5061 ext. *106 or matkinson@westhardin.org