The voters of West Hardin in support of the students and the District, have tremendous opportunity to make a significant positive and long term impact on our school and community.  

Our School Board has called for a Tax Ratification Election (TRE) for August 25, 2018.  A majority vote “FOR” the TRE, means our students will benefit from an additional $500,000/year in state funding with no increase in our overall tax rate.

Here's how the TRE works:

School districts are funded through local tax dollars, State and Federal funding. Local taxes are collected into two different accounts: Maintenance and Operations (M&O) and Interest and Sinking (I&S).  M&O pays for everyday operations of the district: salaries, supplies, student services, buses and facility maintenance.  I&S is similar to a mortgage and can only be used to pay the debt on school building bonds. 

The state of Texas school funding formula provides significantly more money for tax dollars in the M&O tax fund as compared to the I&S tax fund.  The TRE works by allowing us to move tax pennies from our I&S fund to our M&O fund. In order for us to move the pennies to the M&O fund, we need voter approval.


Our current tax structure and rates are:

M & O     $1.07228 ($0.03228 of current M&O rate is for Wastewater Treatment Plant

                            (WWTP) required by TCEQ)

I & S (+)  $0.13

Total  =   $1.20228 for every $100 of property value.


Important note:

The TRE ballot will show a tax rate of $1.33228 (increase of 13¢).  The additional 13¢ protects the district if the TRE fails, keeping money in the I&S fund so we can pay our debts.  In good faith to the community, the Board has already passed an ordinance to reduce the $1.33228 rate by 13¢ back to $1.20228 if TRE passes. In other words, a majority vote "FOR" the TRE, keeps the overall tax rate the same as 2017 and generates and additional $500,000/year in state funding for our students.

If the TRE does not pass, the overall tax rate will still be $1.20228 but we will not get the additional $500,000/year in state funding.

Tax rate if TRE does not pass:

M&O $1.04

I&S (+) $0.16228

Total = $1.20228

...but we leave $500,000 on the table in Austin.

The new tax structure and rates if TRE passes would be:

M & O     $1.17

I & S  (+) $0.03228

Total   =   $1.20228 for every $100 of property value – same rate as 2017

...Plus an additional $500,000/year for our students and district             

The bottom line is...if the TRE passes, we all benefit by:

  • An additional $500,000/year in state funding for our students and district
  • NO increase in our overall tax rate

It's a win-win for our students, the District and our taxpayers.

How will the additional funds be used?

  • Improve student and district safety
  • Address academic programs
  • Address facility needs

  • Improve employee compensation

Print Version of this TRE brochure The actual ballot with explanation