District Goals

1. STUDENT GOAL: West Hardin CCISD will continue to close the educational gaps to prepare ALL students to be college and/or career ready. This will be accomplished through high expectations, an aligned TEKS based Curriculum and by creating partnerships with local colleges, and career/tech institutes. New curriculum standards will be planned for and addressed, to aaure our students perform at the highest level possible. The District will begin implementation of the 1:1 technology initiative into the Middle School.

2. BOARD/COMMUNITY/STAFF RELATIONS GOAL: West Hardin CCISD will maintain open lines of communication with all stakeholders, creating opportunities for students, parents, and community members to play an active role in the educational process. Parents will always have opportunities to be informed regarding their student's' education, and the community will be informed regarding school activities.

3.     OPERATIONS GOAL:  West Hardin CCISD will be fiscally responsible with local, state, and federal funds, while properly allocating sufficient funds to provide a quality education for all students at West Hardin CCISD.

4.     LEADERSHIP GOAL:  West Hardin CCISD will continue to provide faculty and students with a safe and orderly learning environment.  The District will work to create an atmosphere of respect for all based on high expectations for both students and staff. We believe our students can achieve and our staff will motivate them to reach their maximum potential. All district personnel are accountable for student performance and professionalism.